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How to print a monthly calendar?

Introduction: On this page you are going to get some information’s about how to use our calendars easily. These processes are already prepared by us and ready to use without any bug or issue. On the other hand, you should keep in your mind that in case if you accidently close our website or something happened to your computer, you should not be afraid. Because with our perfect system, whatever you write on calendar will be saved automatically. Which means, you do not have to write them again because they are already saved and did not disappear. Other thing that some of our user’s struggle is skipping to bottom line in the same day. All you have to do is click “Enter” button. With this process done, you are now free to write different notes on the same day.

We also recommend that you use the Google Chrome Browser to avoid any problems.

Select Date: All you should do is click some buttons to do this with your mouse. You can easily change the month if you wish by clicking on arrow buttons sides of the current month name. Or you can simply click the "Change Date" button and can choose the year, month or under the quick nav tab you can click the previous, current or next month which helps you to change the monthly calendar easily.

Add Holidays: If you click on the "Add Holidays" button, you can pick your country or other countries from the list and select the official federal holidays which means non-working days or holidays and some observances. But keep that in your mind to choose a selection. Because if you only pick the country and did not pick the holiday type, the holidays will not be appearing on the calendar. After these steps, click the confirm button and that is it! The holidays of the selected country will come up on the calendar automatically.

Clear: For some reasons you might did some wrong writings on the calendar and want to make it clear as before. On this situation, you can click on the "Clear" button and your calendar is clean and ready to customize again. Of course, it will not occur immediately because you might click “Clear” button accidently as well. You have to confirm it again, so you will not face anything undesirable.

Save as image: As I mentioned before, printable calendar can be download as Image. All you have to do is click on "Save As Image" button and it is ready to download to your computer. After you download it, the image of the calendar will be on your “Download” folder. In case if you become nervous because you couldn’t find the image on your computer, you should check your “Downloaded” folder.

Print: Other service we are providing to you is print your calendar instantly from our website. After you write your plans to calendar and want to print it from your printer just click the "Print" button. After that click, the pop-up will occur on your screen and you can see the printing options and can print it easily. Also, do not forget to connect your printer with your computer.

Change Font, Size, Title: Also, you can change the font of your writings by clicking the change the font button under the calendar. You can choose any font you would like to. On the right side of the change the font button, you are going to see the calendar head title button which helps you to change the head title of the calendar if you would like to change. Sometimes the writings or dates might be hard to read because size of the font. You can change both text font size and date font size. All you got to do is click on the text font size and date font size button and change them as you wish. That is all you should know about customizing your calendar. After reading this paragraph and apply the steps mentioned above, you are ready to customize your calendar and print it or save it as an image.

Customize May 2019 Printable Calendar

Take the great opportunity of customizing your calendar. Here, you have an easy and fast way using a calendar base on your needs. You can include the following to your printable calendar personalization process:

  • Week Number
  • Calendar Appearance
  • Holidays

Visitors are welcome to customize a calendar for the fun and easy way. People would love the user-friendly customization process. It’s easy and fun to do. There are varieties of options for you to do it. You can be sure to use the calendar in the best way possible.

Customizing calendar lets you track or record the important dates in your life. You can see in advance upcoming events in your life. It’s a hassle-free way to make each event memorable. You can look or check in the calendar other events you don’t want to miss.

People have the best way of using the calendar options. The calendar tools offer you a fast and reliable way to keep track of holidays and birthdays. People who want to make most of their calendars can do calendar customization.

You can achieve an excellent result regarding the customization process. One thing is for sure – you would enjoy customizing your calendar. You’re welcome to see and feel the comfort of using a calendar. So, come now and customize a calendar!