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About Printable Calendar | www.123calendars.com

Welcome to our website which is designed for people who would like to live the life as planned as they would like to or for the organizations which are plan their activities for keep themselves stick with their plans. In our website you can customize your calendar however you wish, you can download a blank calendar or customize it as well. You can also see the current year’s calendar and holidays on the top side of the website. Our website just fits you if you would like to plan all of your activities before happens or if you are a forgetful person and want to note your duties,plans and activities.

Monthly Formats

Monthly Blank Calendars

Monthly blank calendar is very easy to customize. You can download your calendar as image or pdf file. Also you can print the calendar from our website by using the buttons on your keyboard which are CTRL+P or by clicking the Print button. We created this website to help people without demanding anything which means you do not have to pay charge or donate money to us. It is completely free to use and without a subscription. This makes our website very precious when you compare our website to other websites considering the benefits. Because every minutes of our life are very valuable and our website is very practical. Customizing your calendar on our website is very easy and that was what we thought while we are creating website.

Monthly Printable Calendars (Editable)

On the top of our website you can see the Printable Calendar button. When you click it with your mouse or through using your touch pad, you will see the current monthly calendar which you can easily customize. Printable calendar is an easy way to create your own personalized Monthly Calendar for your special days. Reaching it is just one click away via print button from the top of the site. It also consists special holidays such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine’s day etc.

Blank Formats

The other service which provided for you by our website is Blank Calendar. You can access the blank calendar from the tab on the top of our website. You can customize your calendar in order to your needings and your plans. There are 4 ready to use blank calendar templates. You can switch between them by clicking the prev and next buttons or choose from the bottom of the website after you click blank calendar tab. Everything you are going to do on this calendar is depend on your needings. You can write your own head title for the calendar. You can see the days under the head title and can fill the blanks for your willings. It is ready to print or download as pdf file. By clicking the print(horizontal) button you can print it horizontally and print(vertical) button print vertically. If you click edit calendar button, you are going to redirected to printable calendar site. And lastly, when you click download PDF button you are going to see the preview of the blank calendar, after you decide to download the calendar as pdf all you should do is click the PDF button and the downloading will start automatically and your blank calendar will be downloaded as PDF file.

Yearly Formats

On the right side of the blank calendar button, you are going to see current years calendar. You can see every month separately. You can easliy access this tab by clicking 2019 Calendar tab. You can see the days on the monthly calendars. You also can see the weekends which are painted as with different colors. Just like every service we are providing to you, the yearly calendar is also ready to download. You can see the special holidays on the bottom of the yearly calendar and you can mark these days on the calendar. You can print the yearly calendar horizontally and vertically by clicking the print(horizontal) and print(vertical) buttons. You also can download the calendar as PDF if you wish. The download PDF process is like blank calendar. You are going to see a preview of the yearly calendar and after you decide it to download it as PDF file, clicking PDF button will get the job done!

USA Federal and State Holidays

We also keep Holidays section up to date in case if you wonder the exact dates of the USA Federal and State Holidays in this year. After you click the Holidays button, you are going to see a table which includes the exact date of the holiday, which day is it going to be and which holiday it is. Under the table, you can also see the other years holidays. We always keep our website as efficient as we can and trying to help people or organizations to make them happy. Our support and developer teams are working so hard to keep the website stable. If you face with any problem or any hard situation feel free to ask us from the Contact tab. Thanks for choosing us!