About 123calendars.com

Why are you here?

Well what you see is actually a simple website to just write or organize your messed up plans because we are 3 super genius friends decided to help people, organizations, or students. Of course, students are also in people category, but we were student back in our days when we put that idea on our super minds. Well normal students should graduate like in 4-5 years, but we studied 8 years. In this timeline we didn’t know what we were doing but slowly we became super mind students because we realized that people need our help. We were ready to save them from their pains with an idea of our website. At first, our website was looking like a garbage, but we were a student of computer science from Boston University. So, we could not accept this mess we created so we improved ourselves by reading spell books. Just kidding, we studied hard to understand what we are trying to do and how we add new features on our website. Well maybe we didn’t study that hard, but we studied at least. We count that. At the end of the day we were proud of ourselves because of what we created. But some of the bosses in internet is not satisfied as much as we do. That is another title but let’s not argue that now. You can easily do whatever the hell you want to do with a printable calendar on our perfect website. You can write on it, print it.

You can even add the holidays, but people don’t care about the holidays if they are not federal holiday which means non-working day. So, finish your customizations and leave the website because our servers are busy as you might guess. Just kidding, feel free to use our website like 12-15 hours every day.

Why are we here?

While we are studying at university, our lifes were such a pain because of the unorganized lifestyle of us. We are not recommending to you to live your life like that. That is the biggest reason why we are here. We are here because we want to make money. Just joking again. Huh did you bamboozled? Well basically we came out with this idea and decided to create a website just for us. Yes, only for us. But after we realized what we have founded, we decided to let you use because why not?

We found a super content and there was not any reason to not share with people. It makes your life easier because more organized lifestyle means more success. We realized this after we fail our courses so much but at least we know that now. So, we always try to improve, ourselves to help pathetic people or we should just call people. We made a joke! Ha ha… You can feel free to use our website in case if you need. We will not want any charge from you so there is no reason to not use this well designed, uniquely idealized website!

Why should I use 123calendars.com instead of Google Calendar?

Well the answer is actually really simple. Google Calendar sucks and our website is perfectly designed, well organized and it is free. Of course, the Google Calendar is free as well, but our website is freer than it. Of course, we owe so many things on Google, but we are better than them. Hope there is no Google staff who reads this article if there is you are the best! Keep up the good work 😊 but we still believe that we are better than that. Our features much more useful compared to others included Google Calendar.

Why do Chinese People use different calendar?

Because they want to. Everyone is free in this world and they can use whatever they want. But they cannot use Google or YouTube. It is a little bit ironic but who cares. Just because almost every nation use Gregorian Calendar doesn’t mean Chinese people have to use. Keep that in your mind.

How much do we want for 123calendars.com to sell?

No. The answer is simply no because we are not a candy or a pants that you can buy from store. But if you wish to pay us $30 million we can think about that. Well we just talked about this idea and it is impossible. But in case if you are a hard person and you really want to buy our website, we call it $100 million. Just kidding. The answer is still no. We are super genius people and we can already get whatever we want because of our intelligence. So, no.

How much money do you make from 123calendars.com?

Well we see the trick here and we know why you are asking this question, but the answer is still no as the previous question. We know there are hundreds of opponents to us and ready to challenge but you already know who the winner of this challenge is. Of course, we are the super duper mega ultra-first website on this title. We prefer to make friends instead of enemies because why not? But just in case if they are ready to bow down we are always accepting their failure on this category 😊

How the hell you contact with us?

Well if you are not a woman the answer is again no. Just kidding just kidding. You can easily send us your name and e-mail address no matter if you are woman or man or other genders. We are not sexist people. Also, do not forget to send us your critics or advices that let us make more money (this is not a joke) you can do that from the Contact section 😊


123calendars team.