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April In the Julian calendar it’s the 5th month and the 4th month in the Gregorian calendar. One of the most memorable things people remember about April is the autumn season that covers some parts of the Southern Hemisphere. Meanwhile, it reflects spring in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

You have an easy way of remembering these seasons and more using the April calendar. You take down the important dates in your life such as birthdays, anniversaries and more. You can download the blank calendar for free so that you can use it at once. People who want to customize the calendar are free to do it. The April 2020 Calendar gives you fast and easy options to add occasions there.

The calendar lets you have easy access to the events that you don’t want to miss. Here, you can insert in any date with ease. You can download it in an image or PDF format. There are a rich variety of colors and sizes of the calendar that fits your needs.

So, what are you waiting for? You download the April 2020 Calendar today! Let it offer you the comfort of organizing the special occasions in your life. Come and download the April calendar now!

Printable April 2020 Blank Calendar

April is the middle month of the spring season and it is the forth month of the year. You may start this month with a joke since April 1 is a global joke day. So you better keep that in mind if you do not want to get bamboozled. In April, weathers get hotter because it is a transition month between winter and summer and in this month you can observe all the characteristics of spring such as unexpected rains, appearing flowers on the ground and on trees, hot weathers etc. If you are using our website right now, you already know the purpose of our website and do not forget that it is completely free and without any subscription for anything. But if you want to get notifications, you can easily add your e-mail on our website. Planning is the key for the success and for a regular life. So after you organized your monthly,weekly plans, you can easily print it via printer.

April 2020 Calendar

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What are the special days in April 2020?

There are not any federal holiday in April but there are 3 major special days in this month. You can easily read these special days down below;

Date Holiday Day Days to go
April 1 April Fool's Day 2020 Wednesday 41
April 10 Good Friday 2020 Friday 50
April 12 Easter 2020 Sunday 52
April 13 Easter Monday 2020 Monday 53
April 22 Earth Day 2020 Wednesday 62

National Tartan Day – April 6

National Tartan Day is a celebration by Scottish American people to show their achievements in United States of America. There are nearly 6,5 million Scottish American people in United States and their number is increasing every year. In this day, they are celebrating that a person who joined the American Senate on this day. You can see traditional and cultural scottish music instruments on streets and dancing Scottish people. If you have some friends or you know some Scottish people around you, you can remind yourself by writing this day on your calendar. Scottish American people do care about this day a lot and you better not celebrate their important day on National Tartan Day.

Tax Day – April 15

Tax Day is the last submission day of taxes to the government by individuals and organizations. Taxes keep government alive and government keep people alive. That is a circular loop. Since 1955, the Tax Day is on April 15 and it is a duty for every individual who lives in United States of America. On this day you definitely should submit your taxes to government because if you do not submit it, it might be tragic in return of this forget. But what you can do to not forget is just mark this day on your calendar and that is it. If you live your life in a planned way, you wouldn’t face with any hard situations. It is very simple on our website. All you have to do is write it on calendar and than you can save it as an image or you can print it by using your printer.

Easter Day – April 12

Easter Day is a religious day which symbolizes the rebirth of Jesus from the dead. It is also called as Resurrection Sunday and it is celebrated by almost every christian country. Easter Sunday is celebrated and observed on different dates every year because it is not dependent on Gregorian Calendar. People celebrates these day by inviting people to their houses and cook some delicious and precious meals. It is also known as feast day in some regions because of the happiness caused resurrection of Jesus. But most famous celebrations are eggs. Eggs symbolize the rebirth for people and they paint eggs with very different and unique colors. Because the easter bunny is a mythological creature in American culture and it gives people colorful eggs on this day according to the believe in Santa Claus.

If you are a christian and you care about these special and religious days, you must remind yourself this day by looking on your calendar. But if you do not write it on your calendar, how do you remind yourself? The best thing you can do is note this day on your calendar and just remind yourself. Also you can easily print the calendar that you customized by yourself from our website.

History of Month April

April was the second month of the year in the first Roman Calendars, it became the fourth month of the year after January and February were added to the calendar. It is thought that April means "to open" in Latin. This means that it symbolizes flowers and trees that bloom in nature.