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The original name of August is Sextilis. The 1st Roman Emperor, Octavian Augustus chooses August to be the eight months in the Julian calendar. There are no notable holidays this month. But, people take the time to make some days of it as holidays. They go to exciting places to relax and enjoy.

You can take note of the great and upcoming activities by having the August 2020 calendar. It lets you mark the date in advance for your vacation. You can organize your home or office task using the 2020 Calendar. People can also take time in adding information on those special dates. The calendar is simple and easy to use. The printable calendar also lets you schedule your meetings in advance.

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Printable August 2020 Blank Calendar

August is the perfect month to plan your ideas until the new year because it is the last month of the summer and you can easily plan your duties on your job. Especially if you are an organization or you are planning for a schools or colleges, this month just fits to your plans. In our website you can do this plannings with the easiest way you can ever find on internet. It just takes few clicks and that is it. You are ready to stick with your plan. We already prepared the calendar for you and all you have to do is write your plans on the days of the August. Also if you are not familiar with our website, you can print it with just 2-3 clicks and it is on your paper now.

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August 2020 Calendar

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What Are the Special Days in August 2020?

Coast Guard Birthday – August 4

The Coast Guard is one of America's five military and follows its establishing to Aug. 4, 1790, when the principal Congress approved the development of 10 vessels to uphold tax and exchange laws, avert sneaking, and secure the accumulation of government income. Obligations included throughout the years included philanthropic obligations, for example, helping sailors in trouble.

If you have any relatives or friends in Coast Guard, you should mark this day as important to not forget to celebrate their special day. You can observe celebrates on TV or from government and people to honor the armed forces of Coast Guard.

National Aviation Day – August 19

This day is celebrated in United states for development of aviation. This holiday is established by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1939. National Aviation Day is not a federal holiday but it is an observance by government. You can see some airships or planes flying thorugh the sky on this day and if you see these kind of celebratings, don’t get surprised. Especially if you mark it on your calendar, you can remember the reason of flights across country.

National Citizens Day

On August 21, people celebrates their honorable seniors to show their respect and their gratefulness for what they have done for their country. In this day, people help to seniors with their daily duties and jobs, give them gifts and speak with them to make a conversation about their ideas. This conversations and their interest to seniors creates a huge and lovely network across country and between neighbours.

If you know some seniors in your neighbourhood, you better mark this day to not celebrate their National Citizens Day. And to not forget you already know what you should do with our website.

History of Month August

The name of August was known as Sextilis in the Julian calendar. Because "Sextilis" meant sixth in the Roman language. Before January and February were added to the calendar, August was on the calendar as the sixth month of the year. Its’ name was later renamed Augustus in honor of Caesar Augustus, Rome's first emperor.