Printable December 2024 Calendar Templates

December is a month of joy, celebration, and reflection. As the year comes to a close, it's essential to stay organized to fully enjoy the festive season. Let's explore the key dates and tips to make the most of your December 2024 calendar.

December 2024 calendar is one of the best calendar templates, in which you are going to enjoy the best events in a year. Thus, we offer December 2024 templates to our visitors, who have various plans and need to take notes on their calendars.

December 2024 Calendar

Printable December 2024 Calendar
2024 December Calendar
December Calendar 2024

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The month of december is the 12th month of the Gregorian and Julian calendar. It came from the Latin term Decem that means ten. This month is originally the 10th month in the Roman calendar. One of the notable seasons in this month is the Christmas season. You can enjoy the holiday and experience a great time.

Printable December 2024 Calendar

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December 2024 Calendar Printable

Since December is the last month of the year, finding the December 2024 calendar printable template may be a challenge for many. However, we offer you a wide range of calendars that you can enjoy whenever you want.

It is never too late to make plans even if you decide to make plans at the end of the year. In fact, you can consider this as a great opportunity to learn how to make plans on calendars. If you want, you can also find specific calendars for 2024 on our website. You can always visit the relevant category to find out more.

2024 December Calendar

2024 December calendar starts on Thursday, and we hope that it will bring you plenty of luck for this month and the following year. December always lasts 31 days and we celebrate the New Year at the end of this month, which will be on Saturday.

We are going to enjoy three full weeks in December as well. Since we are going to celebrate the New Year on Saturday, we will have a day off to rest on the following day, which will be Sunday. It is also a great day to spend time with your family members on the first day of the year.

Why Print Out a December 2024 Calendar?

Most people use their cell phones or buy a 2024 calendar at the start of every year. However, if you find that your smartphone isn’t smart enough to remind you about events, it might be time to consider something else.

If you print out a free December calendar, you’re going to notice that it features 31 days, and the boxes are spacious. On top of that, most printable calendars include the major holidays of that month. For December, that’s going to consist of Christmas Eve/Day, the first day of winter, and New Year’s Eve.

Why Is It Called December?

Some people wonder why December is the name of the month. In fact, “Dec” is for the ten-sided shape with “Decem” being Latin for 10. Isn’t it funny that the word itself stands for the number 10, but it’s actually the last and 12th month of the year?

Americans nowadays use a Gregorian Calendar, and most of the world does, too. This 12-month format is what everyone is used to, and it works. However, it wasn’t always that way. The Roman calendar (before 153 BC) only had 10 months, and in that situation, the final month was also called December.

It was just easier for everyone to keep the same name, even though they added two months to each year.

You also have to consider where other people live and if that affects the seasons and months. It does, actually! Everyone in the Northern Hemisphere knows that the first winter month is December (although you can see snow and winter weather sooner in most parts of the US and Canada). However, that’s not true for other areas.

The seasons are opposite when you go south of the equator, so their December is actually hot and begins the first summer month. It’s strange for most people to ponder. Americans wish for a white Christmas, while the tropics are bathed in hot sunlight, and people go swimming for Christmas.

Why Print One Now?

Do you already have a calendar for the 2024 year, or do you use your smartphone? Most people wonder why they should print out a December 2024 calendar when it’s so close.

The answer is simple! When you print out your December calendar, you can write down all the fun events that you don’t want to miss. Most people use their smartphones and end up forgetting or not getting the notifications right. When the calendar is in front of you, it’s easier to see what’s coming up that weekend so you can prepare.

Yes, the party might be a week away, but you have to cook food or prepare drinks. You can write down every event, make sure you’ve got your holiday shopping done on time, and so much more with a December 2024 calendar.

Special Days in December 2024 Calendar

If we need to talk about the special days in December 2024 calendar, we all think about New Year’s Eve and Christmas Day. Christmas Day is a holy Christian week, which we start celebrating on December 25 every year. This means that we will celebrate it on Sunday in 2024.

New Year’s Eve is celebrated at the end of the year, which is December 31. In 2024, the last day of the year is Saturday, which is a great day to celebrate with your friends and family members.

Date Holiday Day Days to go
December 2 Cyber Monday 2024 Monday 140
December 7 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2024 Saturday 145
December 25 Christmas Day 2024 Wednesday 163
December 31 New Year's Eve 2024 Tuesday 169

History of the December

Like September, October and November, month Decembers’ placement on calendar was different but after the month January and February added on calendar by Roman Empire, December became 11th and the last month of the year. It also gets its’ name from Latin word “decem” which means tenth.


Hopefully, you’ve found many reasons to print out a December 2024 calendar. You should do it today so that you don’t forget. In fact, you can start writing things down, such as reminders to buy ingredients or presents. Don’t delay! Print out a December calendar today!