Blank February 2019 Calendar

February is the second month of the year and the shortest month as well, both in the Gregorian and the Julian calendar. Compared to the other months with 30 or 31 days, February 2019 only has 28 days in common years while it has 29 years in leap years. The quadrennial 29th day of the month is known as the leap year.

The second month’s name was after the Roman festival of purification called Februalia. The northern hemisphere considers February the meteorological winter’s third month. On the other hand, the southern hemisphere, February is the last month of summer. It is also the last month of the year in the Roman calendar.

With the idea of purification, February is the perfect time to leave all your baggage behind and the real month where you can start over. It’s the ideal time to get a fresh breath of air after all the hustle bustle of the holidays. While it is named after the Roman festival of purification, people mostly know February for the month of love as it is the month of the day of Valentine.

If you’re busy preparing for Valentine and organize the rest of schedule for the month, this printable custom February calendar is perfect for you. Put your affairs in order and get your activities planned in the cold month of February with an easy to use printable February 2019 calendar. Then, checking the perfect time for an outdoor stroll and some fun is quick and easy.

February 2019 Calendar

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