May 2021 Calendar

In the Gregorian calendar, May is the 5th month. This month is named after the Goddess of Fertility, Maia. Some people believe that’s impolite to get married during this month. Why? It’s the month that a Greek Goddess was married. So, it’s bad luck to be married in this month.

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May 2021 Calendar

Welcome to the page which will introduce information to you about May. May is the last month of the spring and it is the perfect month for people who want to organize their summer trips. For example if you want to go on a trip with your family but you don’t know the exact dates when you should call the agents to get information about trip, you can plan your conversation with agents by using our blank calendars. Our calendars are free to use and very easy to print whenever you decide to print it.

May Calendars

2021 May Calendar
May Calendar
Blank May 2021 Calendar

Is 1st of May holiday in USA?

There are some global holidays in May. The first one is 1st of the May. 1 May isn't an occasion in the United States and it is known as Loyalty Day in United States. In any case, it is multi day for two surely understood reasons for existing: laborers' solidarity and challenges. On this day, the vast majority of the world observes International Workers' Day, which in the United States is known as Labor Day and celebrated on the primary Monday of September. In the event that you are a representative or an association which works worldwide, you should notive that day on timetable since you probably won't contact with your accomplices from different nations.

When are the holidays in May 2021?

Memorial Day is the single federal holiday in May in the United States. The exact date of the Memorial Day is May 27 for 2021 and the exact day is Monday. Memorial Day is a day to remember and honor people who have died while in the United States Armed Forces to doing their duties. Memorial day is a federal holiday which will be in every year on the last Monday of May. Last year it was May 28 and this year as mentioned, it will be observed on May 27. In the history, from 1868 to 1970, this day was on May 30. So if you are going to plan something on the last days of May, you better note that day to not forget.

Hundreds of thousands people visit cemeteries on Memorial Day to honor people who have died while serving in the military. People place an American flag on graves volunteerly in national cemeteries. So if you are going to visit cemeteries, keep that in mind.

What are the special days in May 2021?

Date Holiday Day Days to go
May 5 Cinco de Mayo 2021 Wednesday 21
May 9 Mother's Day 2021 Sunday 25
May 15 Armed Forces Day 2021 Saturday 31
May 23 Pentecost 2021 Sunday 39
May 24 Pentecost Monday 2021 Monday 40
May 31 Memorial Day 2021 Monday 47

There are many special days in May but 2 of them are very important which are Cinco de Mayo and Mothers Day. Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican base special day but you can also observe some celebratings in United States as well since there are many Mexican people live in United States.

On the other hand, Mothers day is a global special day and every human celebrates this day with their mother. They call their mothers, give to their mothers some gifts or they arrange family meetings to celebrate this day.

The other important day is National Nurses Day which is celebrating in United States. It is actually not a spesific day but is a week. If you have a nurse in your family or if you visit a hospital, keep that in mind.


We all know the mothers day but not the exact date of it. In 2021 we are going to celebrate it in May 12 but in case if you confused about the how it does change every year, it is celebrating on the second Sunday of the May. In this day we just don’t celebrate our own mothers day but every mother we know. Because being mother is hard and we are showing our respect to them by celebrating.

You should definitely note this day on your calendar because it is a day that you shouldn’t forget. Sometimes we might be in rush or we might struggle with many duties and forget that involuntarily. While you are preparing your calendar you can easily note that on calendar and it is all you should do.

CINCO de MAYO – May 5

Cinco de Mayo will be celebrated May 5 in 2021 and it is the one of the special days which celebrates in United States and Mexico. This day represent the victories of Mexican Armed Forces againts French Army in Battle of Puebla on May 5 1862. The commander of army was Ignacio Zaragoza who is a very successful soldier and general in Mexican Army.

Some of the people might struggle this day with the Mexico’s Independence Day but the independence day of the Mexico is celebrating in September 16 which is the most important holiday in Mexico.

If you have plans in these days, you should note these days on your calendar to remember it. Because you can observe some celebratings in streets or in some areas. If you have something to do in that day, you should consider these celebrations and plan your daily activities according to this information.

History of Month May

The name of May comes from Maia, the Greek Goddess of Fertility. The Romans named this month Maius in their calendars and named it this way, but the name changed over the years. In 1400s the name became exactly May.